‘Dogs Ambulance Ar Idardo’ Homeless Dogs Care Club is a project that includes a shelter for free-roaming animals and mobile ambulance service for stray dogs and cats in different regions of Georgia.



We pick animals from the streets, we treat them, we spay and neuter them, we take care of them and we help them find forever home. We also help those people, who deal with free-roaming dogs, with treatment and feeding.



Two years ago we bought a plot of land of 600 square meters with a half-finished house in the middle of nowhere. We used both personal funds and private donations to buy it. During that time, the house was renovated and equipped with a water supply, electricity and drainage. We installed the dog houses in the yard and organised a room for cats on the ground floor.

The first donators of the project were tourists from various countries. The founders of ‘Dogs Ambulance’ own a travel agency that has been organizing trips around Georgia for seven years. Lots of tourists became our friends. During their trips, travellers noticed the terrible situation with free-roaming dogs with their own eyes.

Our main expenses are veterinary service, nutriment, construction materials, fuel and car service. The project is reliant on voluntary donations.

We have volunteers on a regular basis and full-time employees. We also accept volunteering support from overseas.

By now, we come up to the idea of buying a large plot of land for a purpose of expansion of the shelter. We currently have 69 dogs and 22 cats.

Why did not we buy a bigger plot right in the beginning? First of all, we could not afford it. Secondly, we found out that we were not able to work with the ‘pick –neuter –release’ approach. A dog, which spent two-three weeks with the people,   gets used to them while being treated, spayed and vaccinated. In addition, we are upset to release it back to the streets. There are still lots of dogs with disabilities, and the releasing of them is out of the question.

So far there is no buy button on our website due to the imperfection of the Georgian banking system. Therefore, we publish the bank details as a text.

We are planning to buy 1-2 hectares of land and build there a shelter for several hundred dogs, a veterinary cabinet, the accommodation for volunteers and staff. The minimal price for a square metre of land here is $1. So, 1 hectare costs $10,000, respectively. We are unable to estimate the budget of the facilities until we buy the land. It is also necessary to organise the geological examination about the presence of water, et cetera. Another crucial factor is the region of Georgia, in which we find a spot for a future shelter. We expect $30,000 to be the cost of the first step. After that we transfer the animals to the new place and prepare our old building for sale. The plan is to invest that money into uprunning construction process.

Thanks to everyone who helps us and who believes in us.



We are sure that it is better eat once a week than starve. And no living thing should feel pain and hunger. Dogs are the living things. And that is that.



I do want this dream to come true. And I need your help. We already raised about 1/7 from the amount needed. We need about 900 more backers to donate 20$. Please, donate and share.   

Paypal: tbiliclub@gmail.com

Alfa bank (Russia) card number  5486732025771957

Bank account in Georgia  Elena Artemeva GE06BG0000000101398488