Hi, I’m Lena, 46 years old, and I live in Georgia from 2014. Together with Tinatin Mzhavanadze we launched a travel agency tbiliclub.com, which turned into a community. Our guests become regulars, and then, friends. Find out more here https://www.facebook.com/groups/TbiliClub/

I live with 5 dogs and 2 cats. Boosia, the nicest watchdog, arrived from Moscow, Khvanzala, Mengir, Fania, and Gandzee were adopted from the street. Mamai, the Patriarch Cat, came from St.Petersburg, Vaso Nadiradze the Duke appeared from under the fence.  

I post about them a lot on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/leberezina


Homeless dogs in Georgia need help. Unfortunately, in the rural areas, no one really cares about the unknown mongrels coming from nowhere. Lost or street-born dogs wander around the gas stations, cafes, roads – everywhere with a  hope for a piece of bread from the people passing by.

Many volunteers rescue homeless animals in Georgia, but there is still a lot of work to do. Sometimes in Tbilisi or Batumi, you meet quite spick and span mongrels with yellow plastic tags on the ears (sterilized and chipped), while in rural areas you more likely meet walking skeletons and injured creatures. They approach people and seek for help because that’s in the dog’s nature – to be a friend of a human. When I look at them I feel ashamed of being a human.

I can't bring more pets home, as long as I don't own it, I rent it. However, I can come to the rural areas and feed the dogs.   

That’s how the idea came.



The animal shelters solve only part of the problem – many dogs stuck there for years, and the shelters are working on a full capacity. Adopting dogs by people from abroad is a long process, it might take up for 8 months per dog because of the regulations.

We realize that we can’t solve the whole problem. However, if we can help some dogs to survive, we have to do it. Because we can.

So, dogs ambulance as a field service for homeless dogs.

We need the human ambulance's analogue. Food, medications, equipment for laparoscopic sterilization. Å place, where we can bring sick/injured animals, store food and equipment. The point for, volunteers to come.

Having all these, we can help homeless dogs in the rural area. We can bring the injured dogs to our venue for healing. Hopefully, they will find their luck and their families. If not, we bring them back after the treatment and sterilization and regularly visit them to feed, support, and try to find them a home.



​It took me a long time to create some nice and convincing words to describe the mission and the goals.

I decided to keep it short and simple: the living creatures must not starve and suffer from pain.

Dogs are the living creatures. And that’s the mission.



House in the middle of nowhere, but relatively close to the civilization. Dogs bark and annoy neighbors, and we don’t want to have any conflicts.

A car for dog’s ambulance.

The dog food and medications.



Since I first shared the idea with the world, it was like the universe heard me. I gained a huge support from my friends and  travel club community. My son was the first one to send me money and texted “Go, mom!”

Then there were first money transfers and wishes of good luck.

In 3 days we raised over 2000$ and found a house whose owners offered us to pay by installments till the end of the year. It’s quite in the middle of nowhere, but relatively close to Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) and the veterinary services.

And even a car for the first months to get there.

The active help from the facebook community and the guests who joined our tours amazed me and gave me the confidence that I’m doing the right thing.



We are registering a non-profit organization “Dogs ambulance. Homeless dog's help club.”

The advance payment for the house is made. It’s at the edge of the village, with water and electricity supply.

The price of the house is 10 000$.

We need another 5000$ to transform it and to build aviaries and cages for the sick dogs .

An all-terrain dog’s ambulance car can be purchased for 5000$.

The expenses for the medical equipment are not clear yet, we are consulting with the vets, at the moment. We will adjust the amount as soon as we confirm the numbers.

So, now we are raising 20 000$. And we are going to invest the profits of our travel agency into it.

We have to raise half of this amount till the beginning of July, as soon as we have to complete some construction works till the end of summer and start working.



A “Dog’s ambulance” venue. A house, where volunteers can come, work and live. We already have people who are willing to come and help us.

A house to live with dogs and cats. The house  where I can bring injured, sick dogs or helpless puppies I will meet during the mission.

We already have some community, supporters and potential volunteers.

We work with highly professional vets.



I do want this dream to come true. And I need your help. We already raised about 1/7 from the amount needed. We need about 900 more backers to donate 20$. Please, donate and share.   

Paypal: tbiliclub@gmail.com

Alfa bank (Russia) card number  5486732025771957

Bank account in Georgia  Elena Artemeva GE06BG0000000101398488